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Need cash to grow your dental business or working capital? FinTap provides dental financing for business owners with bad or no credit. Get the financing you need – fast.

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You’ve got the degree. You’ve got the skills. Now it’s time to get the financing you need to get your dental practice off the ground… But what if you have a poor credit score holding you down?

At FinTap, we look beyond credit score to help small businesses access the capital they need without the strict lending requirements. We’re able to provide personalized financing for dental practices for up to $750,000, helping you get started without the stress.

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Get Dental Financing Up to $750,000

FinTap offers revenue based financing (RBF) to growing dental businesses. This means we provide up-front capital based on your business receivables, so you get the funding you need but not more than you can afford to repay.

Our goal is to help businesses thrive without overwhelming them with debt or daunting repayment terms. We look at a variety of factors to provide the perfect solution for you with a repayment plan that fits your budget.

How it Works

Traditional lenders – like banks and credit unions – typically require a credit score of 650+ in order to qualify for funding. As a small business lender, we know that there is more to you than just your credit score. We listen to your needs and offer the funding you need, regardless of your credit history.

FinTap offers flexible, alternative financing by looking for the most cost-effective solution for your borrowing needs. Plus, we won’t overburden your business with massive fees or high interest rates.

  • Financing Up to $750,000
  • 6 to 12-month terms
  • No Sign-Up fees
  • Flexible Repayment Plans
  • Working Capital When You Need It

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Borrow up to $750,000 with FinTap for dental practices.

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A typical rate is a rate that 51% of our customers could expect to receive.

Get the Hassle-Free Financing Your Dental Business Deserves

As a dental business owner, you provide your community with an important service. Your dedication and skill should be rewarded, regardless of your past credit history. That’s why FinTap helps small dental practices grow with fast, affordable financing.

With FinTap, having bad credit isn’t a deal-breaker. We listen to your story to paint the full picture of your business and qualify you for the funding you need with a repayment plan you can afford. Plus, you’ll never have to pay processing fees or hidden costs.

Have More Questions? We Can Help.

Don’t let a poor credit score hold you back from growing your dental practice. See our Frequently Asked Questions section below to get the answers you need or Contact Us directly.

Most traditional lenders require a credit score of 650 or above in order to qualify you for a dental business loan, while others may have much higher requirements. A score below 650 is considered “bad” credit and may make you ineligible for these loans, or at least lead to higher interest rates. Fortunately, alternative funders like FinTap can look beyond credit score to offer you financing without the high interest rates or strict repayment terms.

Whether a down payment is required for a dental business loan will depend on the lender. With FinTap, there is no down payment required in order to secure financing for your dental practice. You simply apply, get approved, and the funds are deposited into your business bank account. There are no processing fees or hidden costs.

Getting a dental business loan can be difficult if you have a bad credit score, as most traditional lenders require a fair or good credit score in order to qualify you. However, business owners with bad credit scores still need and deserve funding. That’s why FinTap looks beyond your poor credit score to offer funding up to $750,000 with no lengthy application process and no hidden fees.